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All portraits and panoramic photography by Rainer Spitzenberger.

The panoramic photos are of the series

Mani - The Gate to Hades

An exhibition of large-sized black and white panoramas of Europes second most Southern place: the Southern tip of Mani. The ancient Greek civilization considered it the entrance to the Hades - the mysterious underworld. In former times Mani was one of the most densely populated regions on the Peloponnese peninsula. Nowadays it is characterized by its extremely barren and mountainous landscape with its very special architecture, known as the tower houses. Over centuries up to the 20th century the population of Mani stood out due to a huge desire for freedom. It used to be a society in which life and behaviour was characterized by vendetta, hatred, envy, feud, brotherly love, honour, faith and pride as well as hospitality. Only 25 years ago many regions did not yet have electricity. Today, however, more and more old and pacified families return from Athens to renovate houses in order to use them as summer or touristic residences. Fortunately, the hospitality, which is almost legendary, remained the same. Shortly we will provide further information regarding the proposed exhibition, of which an array of photographs can already be seen on this web page.

The photographer Rainer Spitzenberger (born in 1965) is an internationally recognized advertising photographer from Munich, Germany. His repertoire consists of portraits of prominent figures, business leaders as well as advertising, e.g. for BMW, NEC, Peugeot, Sage and Zeiss. He has known the Mani peninsula for 30 years. Thus, the idea of creating a panorama photo series from the years 2010 and 2011 came into being. After earning a degree in geology and several years in business management positions, Spitzenberger assisted for a number of well-known international photographers and studied photography and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.


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