Company and Capital

The law firm KRASKE MELCHER focuses on advising entrepreneurs and enterprises and helps its clients structure, finance, and design their business activities. In order to add value to our clients’ causes, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge legal and tax advice from an early stage that is custom-fit to the clients’ economic needs and circumstances. KRASKE MELCHER persistently stays at its clients' side from the formation of the company through its growth and expansion phases, as well as in times of restructuring. Having provided unified services to our clients over many years, we have gained extensive experience in the fields of commercial and corporate law, national and international tax law as well as capital market and bankruptcy law.

Real Estate

The firm's further core activity is providing comprehensive legal and tax assistance in real estate matters. For many years, the attorneys of KRASKE MELCHER have been advising on and assisting companies, investors, fund initiators, project development companies, owners and landlords in a broad variety of real estate projects in Germany and abroad, in real estate and company transactions of any kind as well as in the field of asset management. Both our long-term experience and our attorneys’ extensive technical expertise have contributed to our reputation as specialists in this particular field, allowing us to serve our clients’ needs in every phase of a project’s or transaction’s life cycle.

Closed-ended fund structures

KRASKE MELCHER has earned an extensive service record working with closed-ended fund structures across all asset classes – ranging from movable assets such as aircraft and cargo ships, over real estate and intellectual property rights to renewable energy and private equity. We assist closed-ended fund structures in crisis scenarios in connection with management, financing and restructuring measures both from a legal and tax angle. Our service offering extends to fund management counseling, legal monitoring, evaluation and litigation of investor claims and prospectus-related liability risks as well as the effective protection of potential recourse claims. Furthermore, we help structure and implement alternative as well as follow-on solutions. Having served closed-ended funds in a multitude of situations for many years, KRASKE MELCHER is respected by its clients for our attorneys’ hands-on and value-oriented approach.